an eco-advocacy project
designed to support
the longevity and vitality
of our planet through
art and education

an eco-advocacy project
designed to support
the longevity and vitality
of our planet through
art and education

Life Force is
an eco-advocacy project
designed to support
the longevity and vitality
of our planet through art, and education.

art is the silent activist... voices to the voiceless,

The beating heart & lungs of the earth

Borneo and other rainforests like it are the ecological powerhouses of our planet.

They are responsible for the air we breathe, the fresh water we drink and a vital bounty of life-saving medicinal plants found nowhere else in the world.


140 million years of evolution


+600 mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species

Borneo's peatlands

the rainforest is the earth's largest carbon filter


plants that could cure diseases like AIDS, cancer + malaria


indigenous communities' source of food, water, work, medicine and shelter

bringing awareness to imbalance...

"When I imagined visiting Borneo for the first time, I envisioned a beautiful, biodiverse ecosystem... BUT NEARLY HALF OF THE FOREST WAS DESTROYED. "

“In the past 20 years, 63 million acres of forest cover were lost, about the size of the state of Colorado. Almost half of the critical lowland forest that was left was destroyed, endangering many species, including orangutans.

As Borneo continues to diminish, the rainforest is losing its ability to sequester carbon. For instance, in 2015, widespread burning of peatlands in Borneo and Sumatra released an estimated 1.75 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, equivalent to the annual emissions of Japan. In some months that year, the daily CO2 emissions even exceeded those of the entire US economy.

An organization that I believe is making a significant impact in Borneo is Health in Harmony, with whom we are partnering for this project to raise funds and awareness.


millions of acres of forests have been cut down to create palm oil plantations

DANGEROUS emissions

peatland destruction has released massive amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere


fires are used to clear land and often get out of control - destroying the forest and homes


forest diversity is now replaced by one crop - palm oil


incomes in Indonesia are under $10,000 USD a year

...and restoring harmony

through global activations + the Life Force mural tour

Life Force's mission is to advocate for and fund conservation and regeneration of vanishing ecosystems through a unique series of visually compelling art and educational experiences.

you are invited to join us...

Help activate Life Force

You can participate in our efforts to build awareness and regenerate the rainforests.


Through a series of traveling exhibitions, mural tours and a documentary, visual art – Life Force has committed to raising awareness about vanishing ecosystems while generating a means to help support Health in Harmony, an international nonprofit dedicated to reversing deforestation and climate change. Click below to learn more and contribute.


Life Force is looking to expand awareness and its impact. Currently, we are looking for walls and buildings across the globe to be part of the Life Force global mural tour. Click below if you are interested in donating space.

Have other ideas? Drop us a line!

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